ABOUT Glory Garden Goodies


Good for your Body & Soul

My Food Business is based on Faith.
Faith in God; Faith in this great Country we live and grow in; and Faith in the Belief that

Food sometimes feeds the body, but Always should feed the soul!

Glory Garden Goodies are made in a Cottage Food Operation that is

not subject to Government food safety inspection in Homosassa, FL. 

We have been making/ selling CAKES, Cupcakes, Pumpkin Scones, Cookies, Donuts,

Sweet Breads and many other Baked Goods since 2004 at the local Farmers Market

in Nevada until we moved to Florida in September, 2019.

We now have good treats that are good for you year round, not just seasonally.

- For Pick Up/ Delivery Only -

Since moving to Florida, we no longer raise chickens.  However, we do still have a

Market Garden and use our own homegrown Organic fruits, herbs and veggies

in our products when available.

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